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Holly Henry:

"The Immigrant" EP:

"A voice like this does not come around very often, perhaps once every 20 years or so. Holly is a true artist: a singer/songwriter who simply allows her raw vocals to carry the full emotional weight of her songs and their message. She is unafraid of performing acoustically, without studio trickery or overindulgent instrumentation, because what you see and hear is what you get. There is a purity and earnestness to her music that compliments her sweet yet dark persona. Her unique tone and phrasing imbues her lyrics with an otherworldly grandeur that sounds like the whispers of a ghost crossed with the calming voice of an angel. I know this review seems entirely like hyperbole, but I’m dead serious when I say that Holly is definitively my favorite female vocalist of all time."
                                                                               DJ Rad

"From the very first note, Holly had my attention. That hasn’t changed. There’s a sweetness and purity in her voice that brings on the tears no matter what she’s saying. There’s generosity and patience in the way she sings. I always feel like she’s singing to me. She delivers each note like something precious, never in a hurry, never with ego, just a quiet drama that lures me in and there I want to stay."
                                                                               Angel Morini aka Obviator

"The Immigrant EP are Holly Henry’s most original, romantic and cross generational songs yet. Holly has an alluring voice most often described by her fans as angelic and heavenly, yet paradoxically haunting. Thus her lyrics lend themselves to different interpretations depending on our listening environment and mood. That is perhaps the most endearing quality of the EP: it can always be counted on to repeatedly provide us fresh insights into our purpose in the world. Favorite track: Paperclips."

"Absolutely a work of art!! I am loving the new EP from @hollymaehenry it is just simply amazing!!!!"
                                                                                Thomas Hardy @Thomashardy626  

"The case of Holly Henry was always a bit of an intriguing one for The Voice. Despite a hauntingly gorgeous, gentle vocal that could've been honed-in upon by the coaches, she was inexplicably cut during the Knockout Round. Thankfully, this didn't keep the young singer/songwriter from singing or songwriting, and she'd just recently released her debut studio EP, 'The Immigrant', this past December as a result of her work throughout the year. In it, she displays the beyond-her-years nuance and musicality that one would have hoped out of her during an extended Voice run, effectively putting detractors down while pleasing current fans and welcoming a whole new set of ears to enjoy her songs, yet.

Essentially, 'The Immigrant' is the affectingly introverted alternative/folk-driven record that you would have hoped for it to be, displaying Holly's unique sense of self dead-front-and-center from start to beginning and serving as a competent showcase of what she can really do as a musical artist. Though the vision for the EP is clear, all of the tracks are fed to the listener through a delivery that isn't in any way bored or dreary, but instead quietly confident and impassioned. This is squarely exhibited in the album's opener, "Paper Clips", which conjures up a mellow acoustic arrangement and vocal delivery in a way that effortlessly conveys something poignant and evocatively nostalgic, perfect for "thinker's music" in that it relays a message that is bound to have you recalling some rose-tinted memories of your own.

"Sink" is a tune that inspires hints of Kid A in Henry's stirringly elegant cadences while title track "The Immigrant" conjures up a choral progression that wouldn't be out of place on a record of Bon Iver's, but it's in the naturally elegiac way of conveying these tracks' meanings to the listener in a way that goes beyond just some notes on a page sung into a studio mic that is truly impressive. Henry is a master of her very specific, idiosyncratic craft, altogether intuitive and wholly instinctive in design. Her musical influences shine through on this mini-record in a way that, yes, they pay homage to an understated style that has thankfully been returning to the forefront in recent years, but also, and even more-so, show off who Holly Henry herself is within her very soul.

Not any artist could lay their heart out on a track in the way that Holly has here. 'The Immigrant' is sets listeners on a musical journey relative to her deeper and innermost self, and it is in that meditative, perfectly imperfect setting that Henry finds herself right at home musically, delivering what is surely one of the most magnificent releases by a Voice contestant yet-- and she didn't even make the finals."

Rating: 5/5    Jonathan Frahm,  Mar 8, 2014